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Why Performance matters

Performance is crucial to your users and customers. With a fast website, you not only generate more money but you also reduce bounce rate, generate more clicks, ensures better ranking in organic search, increase conversions, and on top, it is a key factor to make sure users come back.


If your site makes 1000$ per day, a 1 second improvement in page speed brings 70$ extra, every day.


We make performance part of everyone's daily work.

Our performance testing framework ensures success in every project. Start early, test often, and focus your performance testing on the right things. We are happy to assist you.  

Sales life cycle

79% of customers who report dissatisfaction with website performance are less likely to buy from that same site again.


Do you need more insights?

Our AI-powered monitoring tools simplify your performance monitoring activities. 

Monitoring should not only uncover problems it should also show how to fix them. 


What is your Performance maturity level and how are peers doing?

Our Performance maturity model uncovers blind spots and ensures a successful transformation towards a state-of-the-art performance testing and monitoring process.

Influence of Poor Performance on the Success of Businesses

Influence of Poor Performance on the Suc

Impact of Page Load Times

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