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Best strategies for slow loading services

As a performance architect, I am often asked, "How should we deal with slow services during peak business hours?"

What would be your recommendation?

  1. Ignore?

  2. Fix?

  3. Ask users to be patient?

From my perspective, we should never ignore slow response times because such problems can quickly result in significant downtimes.

I've tried to renew my license plate online last week. I was perfectly prepared to finalize everything this afternoon, but my plans were interrupted by a performance issue on this renewal site. The funny thing was that response times were not too bad, but they presented the error message below.

Such providers are aware that their services are running into problems if a certain number of users are on the platform. Presenting a message that services are not available due to the high traffic feels like missing a train. You have to wait several hours, and eventually, your next try will be a success.

Summarizing this, fixing performance issues is the only good advice you should give your customers. Never ignore performance problems or present a sorry we are experiencing high traffic message.

Keep doing the great work! Happy Performance Engineering!

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