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Improving Customer Experience is the Top Priority for 2021

According to the Digital Banking Report published by Temenos in February 2021, more than 85 % confirmed that improving customers' digital experience is their current top priority. For companies who are not sitting on a monopoly product, the battle for satisfied customers has started.

How to improve Customer Experience?

Make it faster:

  1. Create and communicate performance requirements to your entire team.

  2. Establish a software performance benchmarking practice.

  3. Use the power of automated performance quality gates for all your builds and releases.

  4. Install continuous monitoring and alerting to enable proactive problem detection.

Make it easier:

  1. Review the business process involved.

  2. Avoid asking for information you already know.

  3. Support all devices and ensure an outstanding experience.

  4. Be responsive and provide immediate feedback.

Make it multichannel:

  1. Understand customer behavior.

  2. Share recommendations with customers on how they could use your services on all their devices.

  3. Ensure fluent experience on all channels.

  4. Help and provide the right services on the Right Channel.

Reskill for the digital future

  1. Digital is an extension of human capabilities and not a replacement.

  2. Involve Employees in the entire digitalization.

  3. Implement minor improvements every day.

  4. Equip your workforce with the needed toolset.

History has shown that slowdowns have an immediate impact on sales revenue. The availability of online services is no longer sufficient for clients, and if services are loading slow, customers are stopping using them.

Fast and easy-to-use services reflect how much an organization cares for its customers. Performetriks is here to improve user experience by making software performance benchmarking a fundamental element of your value stream. Don't wait; contact us today!

Keep up the great work! Happy performance engineering!

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