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Monitoring and Controlling Job Lists

From my perspective having good observability of each application and all underlying services is key.

Monitoring and controlling Job Lists can give us a better understanding of what is happening in our T24 environment.

If you want to avoid spending endless time in the war rooms in your organization you should consider using best practices of Job.list monitoring to help you out.


  • F.JOB.LIST in T24 Use of the files F_JOB_LIST_xx

When a job is getting executed during COB, the corresponding files were selected based on the underlying query and the record IDs to be processed by the job are written inside the file F_JOB_LIST_xx. Then the tSA (agents) would pick each id

one by one from the job list and process them.

  • JOB.LIST files increases in size daily

JOB.LIST tables are temporary files that are used by the COB/service framework to populate records keys that will be processed by the tSA agents.

All these data/record keys will be processed and deleted by the tSA agents after the successful completion of the job.

Note: Ensure that there is no tSA agent or TSM agent is running during this shrink activity.

  • System crash while trying to access/create JOB.LIST when running COB/ Online Services

We request you to check the ORA/SQL/XMLdriver.log for the timestamp when the problem occurred.

  • Residual entries in JOB.LIST

Residual entries are still present in the JOB.LIST file though the job says completed.

Additionally, ’Job finished by another thread’ in the COMO records can be seen.

Check whether 'ROLLBACK' flag is set to 'NO' for files like F.TSA.STATUS and F.BATCH.STATUS.

Going forward, we request you to revert the settings on the affected files to solve this issue.

Because of changing the ROLLBACK from “-T” to “+T”, your log size may increase by a small scale if you use TJ. But there will not be any performance impact because of this.

  • Some F_JOB_LIST_xx files contain some records before the COB

Note: If there are any joblist files which contain data, before COB is started, it is not a problem. The contents in the joblist will be because of some other service (SWIFT service, STATEMENT.PRINT) running in the system. Each joblist will be handled properly against the corresponding service.

Don't clear any joblist file at any case without prior approval from Temenos consultant.

  • DW export performance linked to JOB.LIST

The fields BULK.NO and BBL.CALL in the DW.EXPORT.PARAM records to be set for all lead companies

When large amount of data is being extracted out of an application, these fields will add in a smooth extraction of the same and will avoid hang.

JOB LIST should be updated with the Separator.

  • ARCHIVE process service restarting without verifying ARC.GENERIC

Archive service is similar to other service and it can be stopped in the middle of processing.

Ensure that the ARC.GENERIC record is not verified again before resuming the archive process., make sure that the corresponding the BATCH.STATUS and JOB.LIST record should not be cleared.

  • Sleep conditions in COB

To improve the performance during Close of Business, remove the unnecessary sleep conditions in BATCH.JOB.CONTROL and S.JOB.RUN

  • Get jobs and report lists

By using the below commands you can know which Batch is running what JOB and which JOB is generating what reports




The BYTELEN function used in BATCH.BUILD.LIST is taking huge time when the large array of keys are passed.

Code change should be done in BATCH.BUILD.LIST

Our #Performetriks team is here to help you optimize and monitor your T24 systems for speed and high reliability.

Contact us anytime.

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