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Patent Granted

In 1999, when I designed and executed my first load and performance test, I wondered why organizations ignored this crucial discipline and started addressing performance problems only when it was too late.

From 1999 to 2018, I built performance engineering teams in multiple organizations and shared my knowledge about performance. I worked with a long list of performance testing, debugging, and monitoring tools to help identify and fix performance issues.

I've realized that the actual value of performance is only exposed once it's too late.

Wouldn't protecting millions of businesses from learning performance the hard way be more effective?

In 2018, I started designing a human-AI-powered approach to capture, visualize, and help remediate performance issues.

In December 2023, five years after these early steps, I am happy to share that the US patent office granted our application, and we implemented our Performance Engineering Maturity Model on the AI-powered platform.

Read the entire patent application on this link:

Thank you to Benjamin Edlavitch for his excellent work in filing the patent. I am also very thankful for my internal development team, who went from zero to one and created something new from scratch, our unique platform.

You are welcome to register and explore our platform.

Registration link click here to get started.

Happy Performance Engineering!


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