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T24 Transact Performance Optimization

Last week, our team was making fantastic progress in a T24 Transact #Dynatrace POC. It took us a few hours to turn the lights on, install the Ai-powered Dynatrace platform and discover critical performance bottlenecks in this T24 Transact core banking engine.

Visibility into online user requests, end-of-day processing, and capturing the entire flow from the end-user actions down to web, application, messaging, and databases are the bread and butter in complex environments.

Tuning applications for speed and reliability without a powerful APM solution in place can be a waste of time. This is why we are following a monitoring-first approach. Once we have the needed observability, we simulate current and future growth scenarios to discover how the entire system behaves during real-world situations.

T24 Transact Core Banking performance optimization steps

  1. Turn the lights on

  2. Fix low hanging fruits

  3. Load and performance testing

  4. Optimization

  5. Re-testing

  6. Ai-powered performance monitoring on production

Seeing all dependencies in real-time and tracing all requests down to the code level is key for a successful performance optimization. The chart below outlines real-time communication in a T24 Transact system. Dynatrace creates such smart scapes in a automated fashion and simplifies our performance engineering tasks.

Our #Performetriks team is here to optimize your T24 transact systems for speed and high reliability. Contact us anytime.

Keep up the great work! Happy performance engineering!

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