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5 Reasons why Human-AI-powered strategies outperform

I believe that reliable business applications must become achievable by every business. Today, the limiting factor is mainly knowledge and awareness.

Not knowing how to integrate performance or observability into value streams can set your business at risk. On the other hand, you might spend too much time reinventing the wheel while your competitors adopt industry standards, dramatically reduce their development efforts, and has a significant business benefit.

Knowing your gaps and how to close them becomes critical for every business. This is why we've implemented knowledge modules, scoring, and remediation plans in Gobenchmark.

Why do Human-AI-powered strategies outperform?

# 1 Safe time because you identify gaps immediately. Money can buy many things, but one of the most critical aspects, time, can't be purchased.

# 2 Reduce risks because you follow industry best practices. Suffering from slow running can set your business at risk. Your customers might stop using your services, and you wonder why sales decline.

# 3 Simplify things because you get guidance along the way.

# 4 Avoid DIY (Do it yourself) because Gobenchmark shares practice-proofed methodical and technical insights with you, so you no longer need to reinvent the wheel.

# 5 Reduce costs because a higher maturity level helps your teams to avoid expensive reliability issues in the first place.

Read more about Gobenchmark Scores on this page.

Make the unmeasurable measurable

Organizations often face challenges in terms of implementing and maintaining high-quality IT services. Whether they develop them in-house or use 3rd party software, the user experience is crucial for their business.

You might know that you can't control what you can't measure. Gobenchmark brings you a framework-based assessment and benchmarking to see how you are doing compared to the industry average. It asks discovery questions and transforms your answers into a scoring system from C- to A.

The benefit of such a scoring system is that you can measure your adoption of industry standards and see how you improve over time as you close identified gaps.

Gobenchmark Score C (C- to C)

  • Lowest Score.

  • Technical and methodical gaps.

  • Spend too much time and money.

Gobenchmark Score B (B- to B)

  • Medium Score.

  • Some IT problems are still impacting their customers.

  • Awareness of software quality.

Gobenchmark Score A (A- to A)

  • Highest Score.

  • Excellent adoption of industry practices.

  • Low troubleshooting efforts.

  • High-quality services.

  • Teams have more time for optimization and innovation.

If you put the card before the horse, bad things happen. So don't go down this road and let luck dominate how you design, implement, and operate business applications. Instead, use our Human-AI-powered platform to get ahead of your competition.

Interested in Gobenchmark?

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Keep up the great work! Happy Performance Engineering!

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