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Automation Testing - A changing trend and the next big thing in the field of testing

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

As important as development is in the software life cycle, software testing is equally important and plays a major role in the success and failure of the software product/ service. Software testing helps in debugging the errors and make sure that when the product/ service is launched, no consumer should experience problems while using it. Software testing can be categorised into manual testing and automated testing. We are going to talk about automation testing and how it is better than manual testing.

Manual Testing Vs Automated Testing

Manual testing involves human efforts to test the software, wherein a tester writes the test code, enters the test data to the system and based on the obtained reports, further analysis is carried out. On the other hand, automated testing automates the testing process by eliminating human interference. Automated testing process uses automation tools, wherein test data are entered into the system under test, compare the results and generates the test report automatically.

On one hand, many companies are switching to automated testing and on the other hand, other companies are still preferring to stick to manual testing. Even though the manual testing gives you the confidence of an actual human being performing the task, the process is tedious and time consuming. Further, the manual testing process might also sound risky and complex as the tester must create test cases repeatedly and run them again and again. There is also a possibility of errors while running tests, which can be fatal for the product. Therefore, the manual testing turns out to be very expensive, time consuming and risky as the process is prone to errors. According to Johanna Rothman, many companies spend lot of time and money for software testing at various stages of software life cycle. To all these problems, automated testing is a solution. 

Reasons to Choose Automated Testing

Automated testing gives various benefits over manual testing. Herein below are some of the benefits of automated testing:

  1. Automated testing allows repeated execution of same test cases for many numbers of times, thereby reduces the amount of effort that need to be put on the specific test case.

  2. As the human involvement and efforts are minimised, return of investment (ROI) is more.

  3. Automated testing is faster and hence time efficient.

  4. Automated testing is efficient in case of long test cases and does not need any human monitoring.

  5. Automated testing is less error prone and provides effective results.

Performetriks and C.Y.B.O.R.G

What if a single tool solves all your testing problems? What if you get a tool that gives you code-less testing experience? What if a single tool provides you test results at unbelievably fast speed? We, at Performetriks, understand all these questions, and constantly work towards helping our client with improving the performance of the company. To meet the needs of the companies and deliver beyond their expectations, we are coming up with our own automated testing tool C.Y.B.O.R.G. 

C.Y.B.O.R.G is a product of Performetriks which provides you a code-less testing experience at faster time without any errors. C.Y.B.O.R.G uses keyword driven automation process that eases the process of testing and helps in conducting more test cases at an efficient time rate. C.Y.B.O.R.G can be used for various testing activities such as software testing, security testing, and benchmarking.

We would be more than happy to give detailed introduction and tour of our product. Click here to contact us to know more details about C.Y.B.O.R.G.

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