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Breaking Things on Purpose: Unleashing the Power of Chaos Engineering

Chaos Engineering (CE) is a unique methodology that allows you to “compare what you think will happen to what happens.” It enables you to ensure everything operates as expected and efficiently as possible.

Chaos can be a critical gap to cover in larger systems where you may be taking certain things for granted. Assuming that everything works as it should leads to significant issues when working cohesively. CE aims to fix this by allowing for a systematic testing method, simplifying larger environments, and creating resilient environments.

Platforms for Chaos Engineering

Gremlin expands on a common idea to allow for intelligent, efficient testing. They use an approach incredibly similar to the scientific method. This is commonly used to test hypotheses and is specifically designed to allow for continuous testing on complex issues. If you follow Gremlin’s ground rules and adhere to the testing methodology, you can be sure that your systems will become more efficient and overall better than before the testing. This can also be compared to a topic such as penetration testing in that you continuously see how to break your system and then what you can do to improve it for the next test. By nature, this testing method creates and maintains intricate designs at the highest level across all attributes.

Experiments to make your systems robust

Along these lines, these tests, or experiments, can make your environment more efficient and simplified, even in much larger instances. This is important because you can save money if there is hardware that can be cut. Additionally, you can create a more scalable environment so that growth in the future is not a challenge. Another reason this is important is that this can lead to a more secure environment from the cybersecurity perspective. By removing outlying resources with minimal tasks, you are removing one possible avenue an attacker may try to exploit your environment. This alone can save you the hassle of dealing with malware, ransomware, or any other damage an attacker may create. This alone can be the difference between a thriving company versus one that goes under because of a cybersecurity breach.

A better understanding of your systems

Similarly, Gremlin’s Chaos Engineering allows for environments to be resilient. This will enable you to get back on your feet after a cybersecurity incident and can also help in other cases. One could be if a service you use becomes deprecated, and you must find a replacement solution quickly and efficiently. Chaos Engineering aims to make finding this replacement simple, as each service will have a clearly defined purpose, and you will know exactly what you need to replace it. Perhaps most importantly, this provides you with a proactive method of protection rather than having the aftermath of a system crashing and the ensuing outages customers will face.

It is clear that Gremlin’s idea, Chaos Engineering, has many benefits. Implementing this can lead to many great things and save you from the fallout after your environment runs into problems. This is more than enough to realize that using CE is massively beneficial in some cases needed. This implementation, among other things, will lead to systematic testing of environments, larger environments becoming simplified, and these environments being resilient to the many things that could happen to them.

Keep up the great work! Happy Performance & Chaos Engineering!


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