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Cloud based Load and Performance Testing represent the next step in the evolution of Performance Eng

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Cloud-based platforms represent the next step in the evolution of IT. Gone are the days of long deployment and migration cycles. Businesses uncovered the full potential of SaaS-based platforms by leveraging automation and continuous deployment of new features. Quick time to market, standardization, flexibility and cost reduction are some key benefits of our recent cloud movements.

Forward-thinking software development firms realized the full potential of this development. They provide their solutions in a modern and resource-saving way, from the cloud and help businesses to realize massive benefits.

On-Premise Load and Performance Testing deployments are an outdated model. Your teams spend too much time for deployments of new performance testing suite versions, which results in less time for their actual job. You buy a permanent license for such load and performance testing tools, but you won’t use it permanently, which is a waste of money. Simulation of concurrent user is resource intensive and often requires 1 machine per 10 virtual users.

A typical on-premise load and performance testing deployment to support 1000 VU:

  1. 100 Windows VMs 4 CPUs, 8 GB RAM

  2. 1000 VU perm license

  3. Costs: 1.200.000 $

SaaS-based Load and Performance Testing suites help you to focus on your real work, which is simulating the required load patterns and tuning of your applications. There is no need to deploy load injection machines in your data center. You can record the necessary testing scripts, configure your test, execute the workload, check response times and identify the hotspots in your application under test. The cost savings are massive. Our return on performance testing investment calculation has shown that companies cut their performance engineering efforts by 50 percent after they moved to a SaaS-based solution.

A typical SaaS load and performance testing deployment to support 1000 VU:

  1. 1000 VU x 50 hours test execution subscription

  2. Costs: 150.000 $

It’s not too late, start today and contact us to get a free migration plan for your move to a state-of-the-art SaaS-based load and performance testing suite.

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