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Core Banking Performance Optimization Event

One of the most significant generational wealth transfers in history is coming. Generation X, Z, and Millennials are focusing more on convenience and user experience. As a result, forward-thinking financial institutes are transforming their core system to support new business models and address these pressing needs.

In a fast-moving, changing industry, every financial player needs to empower teams to do more with less. AI is freeing up engineers from spending all their time troubleshooting complex problems and manually tuning applications.

Join us on

Tuesday, 14. September 2021, 11:30 AM CST,

for insights and technical enablement.

We share our core banking optimization experience, walk you through the latest innovations and demonstrate how we improve applications for better customer and business value.


Dynatrace: Welcome

Performetriks: State of Core Banking

Performetriks: High-Speed Banking with Automation & Intelligence

Akamas: Autonomous performance optimization

Dynatrace: Demonstration > AIOPS to Problem Detection

Want in?

Head to the event site and book your seat. Register here

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