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Create a lightweight Java Spring Boot App to store Data in NoSQL Mongo Database

There’re reasons why MongoDB is getting so popular.

First of all, it’s open source and free to use. Secondly, no SQL queries are needed. Third, adding, updating, and deleting with java is easy. Lastly, we can easily convert Java object to JSON and store it in MongoDB. But there are some limitations, such as joining tables and managing the memory usage.

Now let’s see some examples with Java.

In this exercise, we use a Java Sprintboot and Web UI to read, create, read, and delete data from MongoDB.

The functionality of our sample app includes

  • Create, edit and delete contacts

  • If a user clicks the New Contact button a form is displayed

  • We can provide a Name and Email for our new contacts

  • We can save the contacts

Web UI to visualize contacts and create new Contacts

Web UI to add a contact name and email and Save it

We will reuse the code from our last Springboot example on the link below

Step 1: We add a few additional dependencies in the pom.xml

Step 2: We create a Contact class

Step 3: We create a controller class

Specify a few global variables such as the name of our database, the name of our database server, the port and the name of the collection we are storing in the NoSQL database.

Step 4: We create the Contact HTML page

Add buttons to create new, edit and delete buttons and add the JavaScript code to execute the corresponding backend method.

Step 5: We implement the Controller class to read the contacts from our MongoDB

Step 6: We implement the New Contact HTML page

Step 7: We add a New method to the Controller class

Step 8: We implement the ContactSave method in the Controller class

Keep in mind that reading all the elements can be time consuming and you might chose a different approach for your application.

Step 9: In the Controller class we add a ContactDelete method.

Step 10: We validate the data stored in Mongo Database.

Keep up the great work! Happy Performance Engineering!

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