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Five reasons why Dynatrace is superior to other APM solutions

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Many IT organizations need to gain visibility into their critical applications. Although there are various modern APM solutions, every industry and company should improve the maturity level of their APM solution. Among these APMs, Dynatrace not only is more than an Application Performance Monitoring, but it also simplifies cloud complexity with observability, automation, and intelligence in one platform. This essay will depict some key points that set Dynatrace apart from other competitors.

One platform, five ground-breaking capabilities

#1. Many microservices, One agent

While other monitoring solutions require an agent for every different technology like AppDynamics that uses many different agents on a single host, Dynatrace sees it all with a single agent. With Dynatrace, install just OneAgent only once per host to collect all relevant performance metrics on the application running inside Docker containers, microservices architectures, or cloud-based infrastructure, so a single instance of OneAgent can handle monitoring all type of entities.

#2. Solve complex problem

● Dynatrace enjoys the PurePath approach that enables Dynatrace to resolve problems while other APM solutions such as AppDynamics show a problem and couldn’t discover the root cause.

● PurePath technology automatically captures and analyzes transactions end-to-end across every tier of the application technology stack with no code changes or scripting or sensor placement, from the browser down to the code and database level.

● Thanks to PurePath, Dynatrace provides advanced diagnostics across the most advanced cloud-native serverless and service mesh architectures.

#3. Application mapping visualization

Smartscape reveals the multi-dimensional and dynamic interaction between data centers, hosts, processes, services, and applications.

#4. Don’t bombard you with dozens of alerts

As you know, a single problem may result in overwhelming alerts. The AI engine at Dynatrace’s core is smart enough to figure out that these alerts are all related. So, it gives you causation, not correlation.

Dynatrace indicates:

  • Which applications are impacted by the problem?

  • How many users are impacted by the problem?

  • What is the root cause of the problem?

#5. Monitoring at web-scale

● Dynatrace scales the environment automatically as your monitoring environment grows to ensure optimal resource usage.

● Dynatrace monitors and discovers new containers to automatically scale your environment. Not only does Dynatrace monitor distributed applications across your network of hosts or cloud instances, but it also tracks deployments of your Dockerized.

In essence, raising user experience satisfaction has long been of paramount importance covered by Dynatrace. Dynatrace enables you to launch new initiatives and decrease the complexity of an operation. According to Gartner, Dynatrace is known as a Leader in the 2021 Magic Quadrant for APM report. Moreover, about 8000 organizations employ this platform to deliver superb customer experiences. And last but not least, the cost of resources to implement and manage your monitoring will have reduced in the long run with the aid of Dynatrace. Consequently, you gain a better business outcome.

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