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How can you Streamline your Banking Workflows with Advanced Security?

Cyber security is crucial when protecting our essential goods, such as personal or financial data. A significant proportion of 61% of security breaches involve credentials, and the average data breach cost is 4.2 million us dollars.

Looking at the root causes of authentication-related cyber attacks, we notice that a significant proportion is due to password management and weak authentication.

How do Attackers harvest credentials?

Cybercriminals get more creative and invent new ways to trick unprotected clients and access their most critical business applications and data.

There are two frequently used attacks:

  1. A brute force attack when a hacker uses a program to try all letter combinations until they find a working password.

  2. A social engineering attack is when the hacker tries to trick the victim by sending a phishing URL while posing as a trusted sender to harvest credentials.

Both attacks pose a high risk to organizations because if they are not protected, chances are high that they will become victims of a cyber attack.

How to protect your business against identity threats?

Security is a permanent topic, and you should not expect that you can stop all cybersecurity-related activities once protected. As hackers always explore new ways, we must make security a fundamental part of our development, testing, and operational tasks.

Regarding identity thread protection, we have access management solutions, awareness training, strong password policies, and strong authentication, to name a few.

What is Authentication and Authorization?

Access to business applications and confidential data is always protected by using authentication and authorization. The former validates the identity, while the latter validates the permission.

Suppose you are the owner of a core banking system. In that case, you must ensure that only your assigned team members have access which is the validation of the identity, and also ensure that your advisory team has read access. In contrast, your admin team is allowed to edit and modify records.

We provide T24 ActiveDirectory integration services

To speed up your T24 Core Banking ActiveDirectory integration, we provide professional services to turn on strong authentication for your banking system. Our team has several years of experience in implementing string authentication for T24.

We are happy to improve the security of your core banking platform by enabling strong authentication. Contact us on this form to request our T24 ActiveDirectory integration services.

Keep up the great work! Happy Performance Engineering!

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