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How can you use the most important Logfiles in T24 Transact Core Banking

Logfiles are often crucial evidence for what is going on in complex services. Of course, when services are running fine, logs are not so important, but if you run into issues, support engineers and operators either trace solutions or investigate logs to understand the root cause.

T24 maintains logs for most of the entries involved. It is necessary to do so for security purposes by analyzing and monitoring the situation. Below are some of the log details, issues, and solutions.

Log Diagnos​​tic​​s

In T24, the direct Connect Driver maintains a log file for any errors. This is usually located in the $HOME/T24 directory and is called "RDBMS>driver. log," e.g., "DB2driver.log."

The details in the log can be increased by setting environment variables.

JEDI_<RDBMS>_TRACE=1 Monitor all driver operations.

JEDI_<RDBMS>_PIDLOG=1 Each process generates a trace file based on its PID.

JEDI_<RDBMS>_DEBUG=1 only trace Query translation

JEDI_<RDBMS>_DEBUG_DISPLAY=1 Display the translated query on the screen.

JEDI_<RDBMS>_EXPLAIN=1 Log query plan explanation (not MSSQL)

JEDI_<RDBMS>_EXPLAIN_PLAN_DISPLAY=1 - Show and explain the plan to the screen (rather than MSSQL).

EdgeConnect log files

Occasionally, some issues cannot be resolved simply by observing the screens and error messages. Instead, we need to look at the log files produced by the system for these difficult-to-find and isolated problems.

Log files

EdgeConnect produces four log files by default, which are constantly updated.






Please note that upon authorizing the contract and if the business event gets triggered, the system will populate only F.EVENT.LIST, and the service BNK/EVENT has to be executed to generate the EVENT.LOG. This service will update the EVENT.LOG.

Avoid the log information being written into a single message.

As per the functionality, when a service is run in AUTO mode, the log information will be written into a single COMO file unless it is stopped. Hence, the COMO file size will increase over time.

RUNTIME - Runtime.log

Starting the Integration Service from the TAFJ shell using the command tRun START is not advised.TSM, and we should not start like this. This is because INTERGRATION. SERVICE must only be run inside the app server to make CALLJEE work, i.e., execute START.TSM using the TAFJEE/Execute servlet.


Error 2007 occurred during the READ_ERROR operation on the file /t24/t24abl/jspooler/jspool_log. Enter I to ignore, R to try again, and Q to quit.

The following may be the reasons for the jspool log error:

  • requested a jstat of the file and observed that the file /t24/t24abl/jspooler/jspool_log is corrupted.

  • requested the client to take a backup of the file jspool_log.

  • requested the client to run jcheck for jspool_log.

OFS log issue in R12 for LOG.FILE.DIR of the OFS.SOURCE record

To maintain logging at the TAFC level, the logging of OFS requests has been modified in R12 to be configured at the SPF record level. In SPF, if INT.LOG.FILE = YES, meaning T24 level logging is enabled, then messages will be logged into the log file directory. Messages will be logged into TAFC log files if INT.LOG.FILE = null (no input), indicating that TAFC-level logging is enabled by default.

The transaction log for database "T24DATA" is full due to "LOG_BACKUP." SQLErrorInfo: 42000
  • Open SQL Management Studio Right-click the database. Click properties Click the "Files" link. Under the database files listed, you will find the file type "log," and in that, click the "Autogrowth" option. Click "Enable Autogrowth" and specify "File Growth" and "Maximum File Size" as per your requirements.

  • Open SQL Management Studio Right-click the database. Click Tasks>Shrink>Files. On the Shrink Database window, select the file type as "log." The file name appears in the filename drop-down as databasename_log. Select the "Release unused space" option under "Shrink Option."

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Happy Performance Engineering! Keep up the great work!

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