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How to handle Memory issues in T24 Transact Core Banking?

Memory is still a critical resource in the 21st century. According to Moore's Law, the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles every two years but is the same also true for memory? History shows that improvements in memory are on a much lower scale compared to central processing units.

When we optimize applications for speed and best throughput, we must pay attention to the memory usage on several layers such as Database, Infrastructure, and Application. Too much or too little memory results in response time issues, incidents, or service outages.

Especially in the T24 core banking system, proper memory allocation and maintenance are necessary. It is essential to frequently back up and delete logs that consume a large amount of memory to prevent memory issues. One common cause of memory issues is starting the TSM in the jshell prompt; instead, it is recommended to execute the START.TSM is in servlet mode.

Below we share a few memory-related problems and solutions for T24 core banking systems.

ORA-04030: out of process memory Error

The error' ORA-04030: out of process memory' occurs if the process does not have enough memory to complete the task/operation. Usually, the problem would be because of low data/memory settings in the ulimit. You can check the data/memory limit allowed for a process using the command' ulimit -a' from the complex environment.

Java Out of memory error while starting TCServer

"java.lang.OutOfMemoryError" will occur when there is not enough heap memory. To solve the reported problem, kindly increase the Java VM Heap size as per in the

Out-of-memory exception on the JBOSS server activation of TCIB

The JBoss startup script needs to be changed with more memory options to fix the below heap problem

Define or add "temn.tafj.runtime.use.cache.dict.item=false" in in TAFJ settings.

There are also some EJB time-out exceptions, which need more time out in EJB-jar.xml under TAFJJEE_EAR.ear\TAFJJEE_EJB.jar\META-INF

Error java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: unable to create a new native thread

Regarding the 'java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: unable to create new native thread' problem, it will occur when the application creates a new java thread and it does not have enough memory to spawn a new java thread. The increase in heap size at –Xmx will be one of the causes of the reported error.

Start mode of TSM

The TSM can be started from the servlet and command prompt to create the BNK/T24.UPDATES , BNK/T24.UPGRADE or any services. Both BNK/T24.UPDATES and BNK/T24.The TSM can start UPGRADE services and they will install the T24 core patches or new products accordingly. Kindly note that the recommended way to launch TSM is from TAFJEE servlet and not from classic.

Performance issue due to inactive users

When sessions perform any activity, it takes system resources. However, memory and CPU utilization are freed only by gracefully killing the ports or logging off. Therefore, to avoid holding the system resources by inactive ports in the future, the auto-logout feature can be enabled for all the users, which will log off the ports if the USER is inactive for the specified time duration, releasing the idle system resources.

And a few more below which are not detailed in this post

  • Heap Size in EdgeConnect

  • Divide by zero !! Error while running the DW.EXPORT.SERVICE

  • Read/write F.OS.XML.CACHE table faster

  • java/lang/OutOfMemoryError

  • COB crashed with the error "Too many open files in system."

  • Interfacing third-party application through tcp listener

We are happy to help

If your T24 core banking system is running into memory issues, we are happy to help. Our team has more than ten years of experience in solving and optimizing memory and performance-related problems. Just contact us, and we will solve your performance or security issues.

Happy Performance Engineering! Keep up the great work!


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