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How you detect and solve Problems much faster in your Core Banking Engines

In one of my assignments, critical services of a core banking engine were crashing every day. Engineers of this significant bank were firefighting this problem for several months but still had no idea how to resolve these problems. Even worse, their IT provider suggested upgrading the entire core banking system to the latest, more powerful hardware stack to resolve these issues.

According to our research, only 10 percent of our performance issues have been fixed by adding more hardware over the last decade.

The Problem

You can waste all your engineer's time debugging such crashes, mainly if you use a very outdated debugging approach such as manual instrumentation or logfiles. Core banking engines consist of millions of lines of code. Don't expect that your teams can find needles in such haystacks.

# Less Time for Innovation. You block valuable time because the most talented experts investigate issues instead of developing new capabilities.

# Frustrated Engineers. You load additional work to your experts, and the pressure on their end increases because they need to switch between too many tasks.

# Expensive Workarounds. You can't uncover the root cause, so your teams start creating temporary solutions, and dealing with workarounds results in even higher operational costs.

# Technical Dept. You pile up more and more temporary fixes, and your core banking engine is getting fragile. Upgrading such unstable machines to a new version becomes an adventure. You realize that you need to fix these problems before moving on.

The Resolution

# Do not reinvent the wheel. You are no longer in the digital stone age, so why are you still using outdated concepts?

# Close the loop. Cut down your information silos and share feedback with the entire team. It's not about finger-pointing but taking advice and solving problems early.

# Observability matters. You can't control what you can't measure and trace down to the code level. The complexity of core banking systems is beyond anything we can manage manually. Therefore, we need advanced observability, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to detect and resolve problems automatically.

# Guidance from core banking experts. Good advice is rare, and it is better to listen carefully when a senior is sharing his wisdom. You can end up debugging problems for months while an experienced engineer solves such issues within minutes. Our team at Performetriks is a passioned and highly experienced core banking optimization services provider. We are there to help and tune your applications for business and customer value.

Core Banking Performance Toolkit

Over the last years tuning many core banking engines, we've developed a framework that allows quick value creation for our customers. The list below highlights essential elements of our toolkit.

  • Service Level Objectives

  • User Experience Monitoring

  • Full-Stack insights

  • Automated detection of your core banking services

  • Performance, Throughput, Error Rate of all Transactions

  • Automatic problem alerting and root cause analysis

  • See your Core Banking KPIs on Dashboards

  • Customizable to your needs

Don't wait or reinvent the wheel. We are happy to guide you on how to eliminate burning issues in your critical core banking services.

Keep up the great work! Happy Performance Engineering!

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