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Learn how to Design your Arrangement with Customers in T24 Core Banking

Any T24 core banking consultant with prior knowledge of Customer, Account, Interest, Charges and commissions, limits, delivery modules, and coding concepts should learn the AA functionality. 

The AA is similar to human evolution compared to centuries ago and now. We live in a civilized society with all the facilities and are learning how to use and adapt to the existing things. AA is the same thing, with pre-defined rules, conditions, and setup allowing us to design our agreement with the customer.

Basic modules you should know before learning AA

  • Customer

  • Account

  • Interest

  • Charges and commissions

  • Limits

  • Delivery

  • Coding concepts

Route to learn AA

First, you learn the functionality of AA product setup and property classes, and then you get familiar with Arrangement creation.

Our three-day AA training is structured sequentially, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of AA.

Training Module 1 - AA Core

  • AA Overview

  • Product Architecture and design

  • Arrangements and Activities

Training Module 2 - AA Lending

  • AA Lending Overview

  • All the Property Classes

Training Module 3 - AA Deposits

  • AA Deposit Overview

  • Property classes specific to Deposits

Training Module 4 - AA Technical

  • Activity API’s

  • Extraction routines

Training Module 5 - Product and Arrangement Creations

Keep up the great work! Happy Performance Engineering!

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