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Performance 20 % down - What did you do guys?

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Your monitoring cockpits are green, but the customers are frustrated. Users report slow response times and stop using your services. Business teams are escalating this topic. You end up searching for a needle in a haystack, and after hours of meeting with your groups, nobody has an idea what is happening. Such scenarios are very frustrating and waste tremendous time and money.

What is the problem?

There can be hundreds of potential root-causes when applications are not performing as expected. Any change in an environment can impact the user experience. Twenty years back in time, we had a handful of potential problem sources when services were slow. Things have changed dramatically. Complexity increased, and we often run our modern applications on an outdated monitoring stack.

For some reason, we still believe that the last century's monitoring concepts can solve our reliability problems introduced in this decade.

We agree that this won't work, and that's why I will highlight solutions out of these nightmares.

How to solve it?

The cure is quite simple. You have to modernize the way how you monitor your entire applications and services. System resource utilization, network, and log files are good starting points, but you will miss essential elements when applications get more complicated. Think about all the changes happing in your environment. How do you keep up? There are quality gates and change processes in place, but how can you correlate a modification in your environment and the thousand relevant monitoring metrics when a problem arises?

The answer is automation and intelligence. A modern monitoring stack captures all these change events automatically and correlates them to the monitoring metrics.

Where to go from there?

If your teams are overloaded and sick of endless troubleshooting sessions, it's time for a change. We can modernize your monitoring stack to have excellent insights into what is going on in your complex systems.

Your call to action

  1. Book a session with our team

  2. We identify the blindspots

  3. We bring your monitoring stack to the 21st century

Happy Performance Engineering!

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