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Performance & Application Security Testing Training

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Project teams more and more realize that performance and security of their implemented applications is critical to their success. They integrate security tests, load testing and performance monitoring in their development stages, identify hotspots and use real user monitoring data to understand the impact of such slowdowns or vulnerabilities. Many of our project teams have recognized that log file based monitoring is no longer sufficient for quick error resolution. Especially in distributed environments, tracking of all transactions 24 / seven is required and key for a short time to act.

In my recent assignment, I’ve been working with engineers and trained them how to use the performance monitoring suite dynatrace for their performance analysis of T24 and connected satellites. We did classroom and many hands-on lessons. Arising performance hotspots and security vulnerabilities have been analyzed during this week. I appreciated this direct involvement and enjoyed the sharing of best practices and guidelines.

Agenda of this training
  1. Basic Concepts

  2. Performance Testing

  3. Performance Monitoring

  4. Synthetic Monitoring

  5. Application Security Testing

  6. Hands-on

  7. AppSec in DevOps

Training Class


Wish you all the best for your projects! Performance and application security are a journey. Keep on doing the good work.

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