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Performance Considerations when using DW.EXPORT in T24 Core Banking

The DW.EXPORT utility, released as part of the DW product available in Temenos Transact, is used to export information from Temenos Transact.


What does DW.EXPORT?

This Temenos Transact application stores all the tables required and extracted for Temenos Insight and Insight Risk products. The files extracted as part of DW export are stored as data records to ensure that further extractions do not require complex coding changes and can be managed using data records. The application is a standard interface between the Temenos Transact and Business Intelligence products (Insight and Insight Risk products), which extract data from Temenos Transact in comma-separated value (CSV) text file format.


What does it contain/support?

The application contains all the configurations required to extract data for Temenos Insight and Insight Risk products. The entire data extraction process is run as part of the COB Temenos Transact system or through an online service.

Currently, the DW.EXPORT utility supports only UTF-16E format and stores the extracted files as CSV files in the local directory with a delimiter (~) configured at the lead company level. You can transfer the created files to another location.


Considerations and settings for DW.EXPORT in T24:

  • DW.EXPORT.PARAM should be set up for SYSTEM and lead company records.

  • A sample transfer routine (DW.TRANSFER.ROUTINE) is released along with the DW.EXPORT utility could guide you in writing your own FTP transfer routine.

  • The records released in the DW.EXPORT applications are extracted from Temenos Transact and are used in Insight and Insight Risk products.

Java API for L3:

The hook fields and interfaces that support the Java method are available in the below parameter files, and any Java method that implements the superclass of the hook component can be attached to the DW hook field for further processing. 





DW.EXPORT Integration

DW.EXPORT can be integrated with Insight Online and Temenos Data Engineering (TDE).


Common Issues with DW.EXPORT and possible solutions


Empty files/Incorrect values in the extracts – Functional changes in T24 to be implemented.

High Time taken during COB or Service run – Performance tuning is recommended.

Divide by Zero error – Field level changes in parameter files.

COB Crash during DW.EXPORT run – Checks on parameter changes as well as service monitoring.


Performance Considerations for DW.EXPORT


  • The fields BULK.NO and BBL.CALL in the DW.EXPORT.PARAM records can be modified to reduce the sequential file I/O.

  • Usually STMT.ENTRY, CATEG.ENTRY and RE.CONSOL.SPEC.ENTRY records can be directly input rather than selecting each day. So, the selection time can be skipped. 

We provide T24 performance tuning, integration, and training services. Contact us anytime; we are happy to help.

Happy Performance Engineering!

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