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Performance of Digital Native Banking Apps during the Holiday Season

The holiday season brings us joyful moments when we can spend time with our loved ones, reflect on the year that is passing and reflect on our achievements. But, unfortunately, it's also a time when we are more eager to spend a substantial amount of money on gifts and things that can bring happiness to the people we care about.

But how are we shopping nowadays?

Research shows that in-person shopping is declining, and customers are turning to online services because they can purchase almost everything from home with a few mouse clicks. It's simple and convenient, and as we know, simplicity always wins.

What is the impact of the digitalization of our customers on banks?

It means that in the last couple of years, the way we do shopping has gone genuinely digital, not just in a small step or a small change. Instead, it is an actual rising of a digital-first attitude.

During the holiday season, we've compared six digital-first banks to see how they deal with excessive users and transactions.

With the help of Dynatrace Synthetic, we monitored the availability and performance of web applications under ideal conditions.

Having synthetic monitors executed at regular intervals from public locations worldwide allowed us to compare digital bank applications' performance to the experiences of real users.

Reports on for each digital-first bank are available here.

In the table below we are presenting the ranking of response times we collected during our performance check.

The battle for the next generation of banking customers has just begun. Our well-educated digital-first clients hate not responsive and slow-loading websites. So, don't set your business at risk and make performance engineering a fundamental element of your value stream.

We at Performetriks are a trusted partner of performance-aware organizations around the world. Contact us anytime to get your mission-critical services optimized for speed and high throughput.

Happy Performance Engineering!


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