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Answer Questions raised during our Full-Stack T24 Performance Engineering Webinar

Thank you for attending our Full-Stack T24 Core Banking Performance Engineering Webinar on 18 April 2024. Meeting you all and sharing insights on implementing continuous performance and security validation for T24 was a pleasure.

Key takeaway

  • Performance is nothing if not the details.

  • Companies invest in performance engineering for reasons such as user experience, business impact, cost implications, and risk mitigation.

  • We need to create meaningful performance requirements to avoid misunderstandings.

  • Validate performance and security using service level objectives and continuous benchmarking and observability.

  • We use Gatling for Benchmarking T24 Browser Web.

  • We use Dynatrace for validating Performance and Security requirements.

  • OFS performance tuning requires a holistic approach.

Questions and Answers

Are you using Dynatrace in Discovery or Full Stack mode? We fear using Full Stack mode due to the code this mode injects on the backend. Any words about this?

Answer: We use Dynatrace in Full-Stack mode for T24 Web and Application servers. We have implemented a T24 fast pack on the Dynatrace platform to simplify the integration and fulfill all Temenos T24 monitoring use cases, such as tracing of COB, TSA Agents, OFS Messages, ENQ, Version, and others. Please get in touch with us anytime if you are interested in our T24 Dynatrace fast pack.

Could the presenter go into the distributed trace of Dynatrace? 

Answer: Please see a sample screenshot below.

Trace for a Temenos T24 Login

Code Level Insights

How many performance problems originate from poor OFS design instead of poor version design and wrong tables/views used?

Answer: Based on our experience, performance issues in OFS are rooted in problems on all involved layers, such as design, timeout, pool-sizing, JVM, infrastructure, database, and customization. Adequate performance monitoring is always a precondition for OFS performance analysis and tuning. Most OFS-related performance issues are due to bottlenecks in one of the mentioned layers.

We are happy to support your Core Banking observability and performance tuning projects.

Keep up the great work! Happy Performance Engineering!

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