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Security as Code

We at Performetriks believe that appropriate security safeguard is a must-have for flawless software. Thus, from the beginning, we incorporate the most robust security controls and methodologies into all stages of our product, Gobenchmark.

By 2023, 65% of the world’s population will have its personal data covered under modern privacy regulations, up from 10% in 2020, according to Gartner, Inc.

Regarding a developing technology landscape, complex international data transfer, and globalization growth, privacy laws around the world are enhancing personal data protection. Companies should therefore consider collecting, keeping, and using personal data in a transparent, accurate, and fair way.

At Gobenchmark, our team takes responsibility for protecting personal and confidential information. On the other hand, businesses place a high value on data privacy. So, we employ different layers of protection to keep sensitive data safe against unauthorized access and ensure the correct use of information.

The following items explain how Gobenchmark provides data-privacy features to reinforce data protection and meet organization requirements.

Data minimization strategy

Processing high-volume data collection can be valuable, but it also carries a great responsibility. So, data minimization is one of the most important concepts we implement to respect users’ data and mitigate many security risks. Gobenchmark restricts data collection, which involves gathering and processing necessary data only for explicit purposes.

Privacy by design

Privacy and security features are built into every aspect of the product from the start, such as encrypting sensitive data. In this approach, privacy is integrated into the Gobenchmark without compromising fundamental functionality.

Security testing

Gobenchmark implements comprehensive automated testing regularly for all product features to assure superior data privacy. Ongoing automated testing using different protocols and scanners, including SAST, SCA, and KICS, validate the efficiency of the privacy measure at all stages of the Gobenchmark development life cycle.

If security and data privacy are your top priorities, we invite you to explore our Gobenchmark platform hosted in best-in-class security systems. Finally, enjoy the knowledge we will share with you.

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