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Temenos T24 TAFJ Performance Tuning

Updated: May 5, 2023

Changing or replacing a Core Banking Platform is always a risky undertaking. Too many satellite applications such as CRM, portfolio management or order placement systems are connected and if the core system fails they won’t deliver useful results.

Temenos is a long-standing provider of banking solutions, and recently they’ve moved their T24 core banking platform to the Java world. Since we know that Java has some pitfalls when it comes to high performance, all financial institutions pay high attention to their T24 to Java (TAFJ) migration project.

I’ve been in charge of the T24 performance testing stream during the replacement of a Swiss banks core banking stream.

We’ve implemented hundreds of load testing scripts for our satellite and the T24 core banking system, improved performance of the base stack, fixed memory leaks, tuned layer 2 and layer 3 and significantly reduced system resource consumption.

After two years of intensive load, performance and resilience testing, we’ve crafted an excellent T24 tuning guide and moved our T24 TAFJ core banking system successfully to production. It was a big success without any performance or reliability issues on production.

I’m more than happy to assist your core banking platform performance testing project. Contact me anytime.

Keep doing the right things, happy Performance Testing!

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