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Temenos TCIB Performance Tuning

Temenos Connect Internet Banking is a testament to the relentless pursuit of innovation in digital banking experiences. As a cutting-edge solution provided by Temenos, one of the leading banking software companies globally, Temenos Connect Internet Banking redefines how customers interact with their financial institutions. This platform seamlessly blends intuitive design with robust functionality, offering users a secure and user-friendly interface to access many banking services. 

From account management to transactional capabilities, Temenos Connect Internet Banking ensures a frictionless and personalized experience, aligning with the evolving expectations of today's tech-savvy customers. With a focus on adaptability and scalability, this solution not only meets the current needs of financial institutions but also positions them for future growth in the dynamic landscape of digital banking.

Integration to T24 Transact

In our modern digital world, we need a user-friendly web and mobile front end and a reliable core banking system that processes all our transactions hassle-free. TCIB seamlessly integrates with the T24 Transact Core Banking backend. Summarizing such an integration, we configure the following:

1. Channel setup

2. OFS.SOURCE setup

3. LC and MD parameter setup

4. TCIB Interface and Product setup

5. Parameter tables and version setup


Performance monitoring


The TCIB Online Banking system can be monitored using Observability solutions such as Dynatrace.


A TCIB Monitoring Dashboard visually tracks, analyses, and displays key performance indicators (KPI), metrics, and critical data points to monitor the day-to-day business or a specific process. They are customizable to meet each bank's particular needs or based on the role of a corporate customer. Dynatrace can be configured to do a function similar to Dashboard, with additional code-level insights required for the bank to analyze further. 


Usually, TCIB or any interface linked to T24 can be checked for performance tuning in 2 aspects. 

1. Integrated product level(TCIB) to the core banking application level request timings with the configuration checks.

2. Core banking application changes like OFS.SOURCE, Versions, and the time taken to respond from the application level. 



Performance tuning

Like any mission-critical system, you must validate the performance under production load conditions prior to deployment to your end-user community. Once you have modeled your performance requirements and designed a performance test, the optimization and tuning starts.

When we tune TCIB for speed, we look at the following parameters:


  • Messaging

  • Database pools

  • Thread pools

  • Message-Driven and Enterprise Bean Pools

  • Java layer

  • Application server

  • Infrastructure

  • T24 Core Banking

  • TCIB customization

  • TCIB core level

Performance tuning is a continuous effort, and the actual value of performance is only exposed once performance issues arise. There is no need for you to fall into this trap. Contact our Performetriks team for guidance and support during all your TCIB and Core Banking performance tuning activities.

Happy Performance Engineering!


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