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The frustration of slow applications

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Performance is not just a part of development—it’s also a component of design. That’s because the user experience and the usability of features both depend so much on response times. It’s surprising how many developers treat software performance as an afterthought, when it’s actually the first priority after an  application is ready to run.

Optimize early

Although performance optimization can mean different things, the value of building performant code is clear. Those projects that consider non-functional tests in the early stages of development reduce their costs dramatically and avoid the stressful fire fighting on production that often happens otherwise.

Make response times 5 times faster 

One project I was recently involved in saw the successful launch of a new application for an account-opening form. Both the functional and non-functional requirements were tested methodically pre-deployment. The collaboration between performance and development specialists in implementing some major optimizations increased response times  by a factor of 5.

Performance testing reduces your costs

Save twice by making performance testing part of your early development activities! Because engineers are often moved to the next project after the new release goes to production, a different set of developers will be responsible for addressing any defects identified. They’ll obviously, need a lot more time to fix issues as they weren’t the ones who wrote the code. Also, when performance issues are detected at a late stage, the performance testing will be a much bigger task because the complex end-to-end performance testing cycles will take significantly more time.


Shift performance testing to the left

Conducted properly, performance testing is the best way to ensure your business application won’t buckle under a big load—or cause your customers to seek alternatives due to slowness. Make performance testing part of your development lifecycle!

Feel free to contact me  with any questions concerning performance tests, synthetic, or performance monitoring.

Keep doing the excellent work! Happy Performance Testing!

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