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Upskill your Core Banking Knowledge and book our T24 General Training

To make the most out of a T24 Core Banking platform, it's crucial to share insights about the most essential features and functions with all Core Banking end users.

During the last five years, we've collected a set of best practices for all T24 Transact users. In our General Training, we spend eight lessons on a hands-on workshop to explain how your team could make more out of T24 Transact.

Our T24 General Training includes these sections

  • Architecture

  • Modules

  • Security Management

  • Customer

  • Account

  • Company

  • Multi-Company

  • Multi Books

  • Non-Stop Processing

Who should attend?

  • T24 Core Banking Team

  • T24 Tester

  • T24 Operational Team

  • T24 Business Team

  • T24 End Users such as Teller

What are the requirements?

  • T24 basic knowledge

  • Internet access

What are your benefits?

After attending this training, the T24 team will understand how to use the most essential components and features. These learnings empower your organization to make more out of the core banking system and avoid pitfalls during their daily activities.

Please get in touch with our team to book this training.

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