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Upskill your T24 Transact Functional Knowledge

T24, also known as Temenos Transact, is a core banking system that provides comprehensive banking solutions for financial institutions.

Attending T24 functional training can be beneficial for customers for several reasons:

  1. Maximizing System Utilization: T24 is a complex system with various modules and functionalities. Training helps users understand the full spectrum of features available and how to utilize them effectively. 

  2. Efficient Operations: Training gives users the skills and knowledge to perform day-to-day operations efficiently. 

  3. Compliance and Risk Management: T24 functional training often covers regulatory and compliance aspects relevant to the banking industry. Users will learn how to navigate the system to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations, reducing the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties.

  4. Customization and Configuration: T24 is customizable to suit the specific needs of financial institutions. Training equips users with the skills to customize and configure the system based on their organization's requirements. 

  5. Enhanced Customer Service: Understanding the full capabilities of T24 allows users to provide better customer service. 

  6. Problem Resolution: In-depth knowledge gained through training enables users to troubleshoot and resolve issues more efficiently. 

  7. Continuous Improvement: T24 functional training often includes updates on the latest features and enhancements. 

  8. Cross-Functional Collaboration: Training sessions allow users from different departments to collaborate and share insights. 

During the last five years, we've collected a set of best practices for all T24 Transact users. In our Functional Training, we spend eight lessons on a hands-on learning experience to explain how your team could make more out of T24 Transact.

Our T24 Functional Training includes these sections

  • Enquiry

  • Version

  • AA

  • FT

  • Delivery module

  • TPH

  • OFS

  • Integration Framework

  • TWS

Who should attend?

  • T24 Core Banking Team

  • T24 Tester

  • T24 Operational Team

  • T24 Business Team

  • T24 End Users such as Teller

What are the requirements?

  • T24 basic knowledge

  • Internet access

What are your benefits?

After attending this training, the T24 team will understand how to use the most essential components and features. These learnings empower your organization to make more out of the core banking system and avoid pitfalls during their daily activities.

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