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Use Composer to Simplify Dynatrace Administration

Dynatrace is the market leader in APM, and we are using this Ai-powered monitoring platform in many projects around the world. Its unique deterministic AI engine identifies a problem's root cause and reports the corresponding business impact. Our engineers integrated Dynatrace full-stack tracing to Core Banking, eCommerce, insurance, and video streaming platforms and solved hundreds of reliability problems.

A OneAgent detects all services and their dependencies in an automated fashion. Within a few minutes, customers see the full-stack insights from their application down to code, infrastructure and database layers. Dynatrace environments consist of hundreds of configuration items, so it's pretty usual that human errors occur, and your teams will spend time resolving such miss-configurations.

Dynatrace admins usually create screenshots to document their Dynatrace configuration, but this manual process is time-consuming and not robust enough against permanent changes in such environments.

Performetriks developed Composer to manage the entire Dynatrace environment configuration because we've learned that finding and resolving configuration errors in Dynatrace environments can be time consuming.

What are the Use Cases of Composer?

# Backup Dynatrace configuration

No matter how many Dynatrace environments you have, Composer allows you to create backups of all your configuration items. You can make such a backup ad-hoc or entirely automated from a CI/CD pipeline.

# Checkin to software configuration management systems

Composer allows you to manage monitoring configurations as code, check it into repositories, and ensure that there is always an excellent track record of all monitoring settings.

# Find changes

If several admins take care of your Dynatrace environments, they need to make sure that everyone is on the same page regarding the adjusted settings. Composer simplifies their job because they always have a backup available, allowing them to detect the most recent changes.

How to get Composer?

Composer is available in the Dynatrace Software Intelligence Hub. We are honored to be a Dynatrace Hub partner now.

Please fill out this form, register yourself, or contact our sales team to get Composer and create your Dynatrace configuration backup within minutes.

Happy Performance Engineering!

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