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We invite all T24 customers to our Core Banking Performance Workshop

T24 is the preferred core banking system of many forward-thinking financial service providers. We at Performetriks support customers worldwide to solve critical T24 reliability problems.

A core banking system is all about automation, Ai-driven operations, and proactivity these days. Therefore, we have created a unique T24 core banking performance workshop and would like to share crucial insights with T24 customers.

This is what we do

  • End game thinking

  • Prepare your T24 environment

  • Improve your T24 configuration

  • Tune your COB for speed and the best throughput

  • Enable Ai-powered T24 observability and auto-remediation

If you are in a T24 migration or upgrade project, it's a good idea to involve our performance experts. We show you how performance can become everyone's daily job and how we use deterministic AI to identify and solve the root cause of your T24 reliability problems.

Happy Performance Engineering!

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