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What is Composer Datadog

Composer Datadog is a tool that allows you to manage your entire Datadog environment configuration. Composer provides a quick, easy way to document and store your Datadog configuration, as well as find and resolve configuration errors in your Datadog environment.

Composer Use Cases

Backup Datadog configuration

No matter how many Datadog environments you have, Composer allows you to create backups of all your configuration items. You can start a backup ad-hoc or entirely automate a backup from a CI/CD pipeline.

Check in to software configuration management systems

Composer allows you to manage your monitoring configurations as code and check that code into a repository, ensuring that there is always an excellent track record of all monitoring settings.

Find changes

If several admins manage your Datadog environment, they need to ensure that everyone is on the same page when any settings are adjusted. Composer simplifies this by ensuring there is always a backup available, allowing admins to detect the most recent changes.

Restore your configuration

Monitoring configuration errors can be difficult to spot, but Composer simplifies this dramatically. Simply select your most recent Datadog configuration from the created backup and undo your mistakes within seconds.

Upload your configuration

It's all about monitoring as code these days. Composer allows your team to store monitoring settings in your code repositories, track changes, and upload these settings to existing or new Datadog environments.

You will find Composer Datadog in the Marketplace soon.

Keep up the great work! Happy Performance Engineering!

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