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Way of Performance

During the TechDays2024 event in Chennai, we met Temenos's Technical Teams and learned crucial concepts such as observability, benchmarking, and performance optimization for a few days.

In this blog post, we share insights about workshops we've visited and topics that caught our attention.

Integrating Transact with External Banking Transactions

During the planned Transact downtime, a Limited Service Mode solution is available to provide continuous customer support. Quiet similar approach to the Non-stop module during planned downtime.


Extensibility with Transact Explorer

As a part of the Extensibility framework, now the Transact Explorer supports Python and the Virtual table MS. We can attach our own Python scripts to each resource, which has a similar functionality to version routines using these scripts in the Transact Explorer.


Authentication with the Transact Explorer

In previous releases, AD handled token-based authentication. The latest T24 releases can now handle token-based authentication in Transact with a new additional feature.


Addressing Data Growth and Enhancing the Performance in AA.

Performance improvement in Data growth, Active arrangement Archival, Service process, and EAF.


FedNow – SaaS

FedNow is an instant payments network that moves funds directly and immediately between financial institution accounts in the United States. Additional features added to TPH across the US region. Temenos Payments Hub, which runs in the cloud, can scale massively and handle all payment types and schemes. It uses the API first approach.


Way of Performance

 Performance is at the core of all Temenos' Everyone's Banking platform development activities. New tools like UPM API, SEAT, and PHC/PHR assist performance engineers in identifying and fixing performance bottlenecks.


Evolution of Holdings Microservices

New additions to the Holdings Microservices include arrangement merging, payment order event aggregation, and consumptions.


FCM Integration with Temenos Digital

The sanctions imposed on the customer and the KYC screening are done in the FCM to help in the smooth onboarding of the clients and payment transfers.

We identify and solve your performance challenges

Performetriks focuses on improving the performance and reliability of mission-critical systems. We are happy to partner with Temenos and support their customers on the journey to performance and observability. Read more about our Core Banking services on our webpage.

Keep up the great work! Happy Performance Engineering!


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