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A Matter for Everyone

Let us handle your performance concerns.

Our Passion

Performetriks is a performance engineering and application security service provider with offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. One of our main tasks is ensuring that applications are operating fast and secure.


Our key competence is in speeding up and improving the application security, as well as providing security and performance checks for clients in Aviation, Finance, Insurance, Retail, e-Commerce, and Government industries.


With our roots in IT Reliability, we continually build our legacy knowledge and grow in the area of Performance Engineering and Information Security, Workspace Analytics, Monitoring, and Training.

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Is your application secure? Do you need a security awareness session? We can help you to find the weak spot and help to get rid of it.


Performance engineering or an initial performance check, we have the knowledge and the tools.


We guide you on your journey to build secure and fast applications.


Don't waste your valuable time. We have frameworks for automation, benchmarking, and security testing in place which works best for your very special purpose.

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Why PerformetriKs

Performance is crucial to your users and customers. With a fast website, you not only generate more money but you also reduce bounce rate, generate more clicks, ensures better ranking in organic search, increase conversions, and on top, it is a key factor to make sure users come back.

Our Partners

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Everyone's Banking Platform

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Software Intelligence for the Enterprise Cloud


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Simplify your Testautomation-Codebase and get maintanable tests

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Comprehensive Software Security Suite

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Autonomous Performance Optimization

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Transforms your digital business with enterprise application software.

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Unlock the value of

IT Monitoring data


Optimize and improve your users digital experience

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Join Our Team

We’re looking for innovative talent to join our team. See all positions and submit your CV.

Performance Test Engineer



The team at Kaltura has gained invaluable experience during this process, which we will bring to other major On-Prem and Regional Cloud deployments. Performetriks is a team of excellent and dedicated professionals, and their services would be well-worth for other flagship clients who are concerned with performance.


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