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Fast and reliable IT services for everyone

Information Technology rules our day-to-day activities, but if IT services fail, we see the bad news everywhere, and businesses suffer.

We asked ourselves how to bring the conversation about software engineering practices to a new level and make the best methods available for everyone. But unfortunately, the old way of sending consultants to organizations who share advice does not scale.

Ai has made groundbreaking improvements in many domains. It wipes out manual and tedious jobs and empowers us to do more with less. This philosophy of removing the complexity and addressing the root cause of quality issues is the main reason why we are building solutions such as gobenchmark.

High-quality services should no longer be a matter of luck, and everyone must have access to the key ingredients. For example, such core issues have been solved for financial products after many of us lost a lot of money. It's time that we do the same for IT software engineering practices!

The ingredients

GOBENCHMARK focuses on a variety of industries, including banking, insurance, telecommunications, and airline, to name a few. As a user of our SaaS-based and Ai-powered platform, you share knowledge with the community and see how your implementation of IT practices is going.

You can compare yourself with peers in similar domains and get guidance on how to improve your maturity. Whether you are a DevOps engineer or decision maker, GOBENCHMARK brings the conversation about software quality to a new level.

Benefits for you

GOBENCHMARK assists companies in developing the image they merit. Additionally, it creates a setting where your peers' actions can be seen. By using a maturity model to understand their capabilities, we assist customers in examining the health of their various engineering operations rather than only through the lens of testing. This understanding enables them to make important decisions about what they need to improve.

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