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The Importance of Creating Observability for TAFC Core Banking

In the evolving landscape of financial technology, the need for robust monitoring and observability solutions has become paramount. This is especially true for systems like TAFC, which serve as the backbone of financial institutions and handle critical transactions.

Why Observability Matters for TAFC?

Observability goes beyond traditional monitoring approaches by providing deeper insights into the internal workings of complex systems like TAFC. It encompasses understanding system behavior, detecting anomalies, and diagnosing issues quickly, empowering organizations to maintain operational excellence and deliver seamless customer experiences.

For TAFC systems, observability is crucial for:

  1. Real-Time Transaction Monitoring: Observability enables financial institutions to monitor transactions in real time, identifying suspicious activities and potential fraud attempts as they occur. This proactive approach to fraud detection is essential for protecting customers and safeguarding the integrity of financial systems.

  2. Performance Optimization: By gaining visibility into the performance of TAFC systems, organizations can identify bottlenecks, optimize resource utilization, and ensure optimal system performance. Observability allows for proactive performance monitoring and tuning, minimizing downtime and providing uninterrupted service delivery.

  3. Root Cause Analysis: When issues arise within TAFC systems, observability provides the necessary insights to conduct root cause analysis swiftly and accurately. By correlating data from various sources and tracing transactions through the system, organizations can pinpoint the underlying causes of issues and implement timely resolutions.

  4. Compliance and Auditing: Observability solutions facilitate compliance with regulatory requirements and auditing standards by providing detailed logs, audit trails, and reporting capabilities. This ensures that TAFC systems adhere to industry regulations and maintain transparency in transaction processing.

Introducing the TAFC Observability FastPack

Performetriks understands the complexities of monitoring TAFC systems, particularly those built on C-based architectures. To address these challenges, we have developed the TAFC observability FastPack, a comprehensive solution designed specifically for monitoring and managing TAFC environments.

The TAFC observability FastPack leverages industry-leading observability tools like Dynatrace to provide end-to-end visibility into TAFC systems. It offers pre-configured dashboards, metrics, and alerts tailored to TAFC-specific use cases, enabling organizations to easily monitor transaction flows, detect anomalies, and troubleshoot issues.

Key features of the TAFC observability FastPack:

  • Pre-built dashboards for monitoring transaction throughput, latency, and error rates.

  • Customized alerts for detecting anomalies, such as unusual transaction patterns or performance degradation.

  • Integration with existing monitoring tools and workflows, ensuring seamless adoption and integration into the IT ecosystem.

  • Expert support and guidance from Performetriks consultants specialize in TAFC observability and can provide tailored recommendations and best practices.

With the TAFC observability FastPack, organizations can streamline the monitoring and management of TAFC systems, enhance operational efficiency, and mitigate risks associated with transaction processing and fraud detection.

Please see a few screenshots of real-time TAFC insights below.


Observability is no longer a luxury but necessary for financial institutions operating TAFC systems. By investing in observability solutions like the TAFC observability FastPack from Performetriks, you can unlock the full potential of their TAFC environments, ensuring security, reliability, and performance in an increasingly complex and dynamic financial landscape. With the right observability tools and strategies, financial institutions can stay ahead of evolving threats, maintain compliance with regulatory requirements, and deliver superior customer experiences in the digital age.

Our Performetriks team is here to assist you on your Observability journey. We partner with leading solution providers such as Dynatrace and Temenos, and our expertise in this field guarantees hassle-free implementation of observability for your Core Banking suites.

Keep up the great work! Happy Performance Engineering!

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