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Things every T24 Expert should know about the Lock Manager

Updated: Mar 9

One of the many secrets in a T24 Core Banking environment is the TAFJ lock manager. It performs its job in the background, and your customers should never realize how the TAFJ LOCKMANAGER protects their data.

There are optimistic and pessimistic locking strategies, both with pros and cons. In this blog post, I will talk about the pessimistic lock manager in TAFJ and its two flavors, which are

  • Process level locking

  • Database level locking

The TAFJ LOCK MANAGER blocks concurrent changes of the same record by locking the record and, once the record change has been completed, unlocking the record. In the database level locking, a table is used for the locking process, and in the process level locking, a Java hash table is used to process the record locking step.


Monitoring Locks

When we optimize the lock manager, we need insights about concurrent locks, their lock requests, and the lock releases. If the lock duration takes too long, a customer will have a negative performance impact and wait until the branch employee has completed the data entry. If you need such internals about the lock manager, you could enable verbose or debug logging or use our Performetriks T24 monitoring fastpack.


Performance considerations and improvements:


  • The Verbose and DEBUG modes are linked with performance issues as they add an overhead of about 5% and 11%, respectively, on the performance.

  • If we use database-level locking, performance is slower than process-level locking, but it helps you keep all locking within the database.

  • Install a load balancer on top of two or more process-level lock managers to make them resilient. If the lock manager aborts, the load balancer will switch to the other process-level lock manager, and all Temenos Transact connections will continue.

  • Using the LOCKS command, we can clear a lock on a user without a restart by releasing locks from DBTools.

Review the speed of your lock manager in T24 Transact occasionally and ensure that it works just fine. Don't hesitate to contact our Performetriks team for any emergency or tuning needs. We are happy to help!

Keep up the great work! Happy Performance Engineering!

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